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Three years later…

Posted: February 12, 2017 in About


So it has been three years  since I  have last posted.  I stopped updating this page due to a new, additional diagnosis. I have now added ALS , Or more commonly known as Lou Gehrig’s disease, to my list of accomplishments 😀. With both MS  and ALS, I have had my hands full trying to negotiate my changing abilities.  In a period of about four years, I  have  progressed from walking with a cane to riding a Segway  then mobility scooter to finally a power wheelchair. Modifying my surroundings and hiring caregivers has been the key focus  for me and my family over the last few years.  Many so-called life hacks have been created to keep me  moving and connected to the world through my iPad.  Stay tuned as I try to update this  site with some of the more useful tricks and hacks

Due to my MS progression and changing abilities, I am updating and revamping the Streetgliding WebSite.  I no longer ride a Segway.  While I enjoyed riding my Segway for over a year, it became more difficult to ride safely; particularly getting on and off.  I have now switched over to a mobility scooter 100% of the time.  I use it to get around and transfer from it to chairs, bed, etc.  I have two different scooters for different purposes.  I will cover that under the Mobility/mobility scooters page which you can get to by clicking and hovering over the links at the top of this page.  I have added a section on Apparel and Fashion.  I intend to present options to make dressing   easier and safer.    A new section called “Product Review” will present items that can be purchased on line or in stores that make everything you do easier and safer.  I want to promote an easier way of doing things to give those who have challenges, like me, options.  As a full time working professional (engineer at a large Aerospace company), who just recently retired after 32 years in the business, I have been on a never ending search to purchase or create ways to improve my (and your) quality of life.   I am happy, and excited about where the future will take me.  When I find difficulties in moving forward due to disability, I use that to spark creativity in finding solutions.  I will share those ideas with you here and hope you will add your experiences as well.  Come along and enjoy the ride.  We will go ‘streetgliding’ together.

Published on 5/1/2011
Multiple Sclerosis Handicap Disability

Hello. After being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2002, I have experienced a steady decline in walking ability. I currently walk with an AFO and a cane. It has been a slow progresssion and one which has shrunk the ground I can cover and activities I can do….unitl now….

I first experienced the Segway in San Diego in August 2010. I was an instant fan. Suddenly, I could not only move as quickly as ever, I can move faster and cover much more ground than 

I hope to use this Blog to discover new and fun ways to explore the world with this great tool. I also hope to get the word out so that others who may benefit from this can get lots of good tips and suggestions.

Roll on!