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Segway models i2 x2 reviews

i2 Personal Transporter


There are primarily two versions of the Segway available.  Each has many add-ons for convenience but the basic design is built around a pedestrian model called the i2 or the “off-road” model called the x2.  Some basic stats are the i2 weighs 105 lbs, has a max speed of 12.5 mph and a max range of 24 mi.  The x2 weighs 120 lbs, travels at 12.5 mph and a max range of 12 mi off-pavement.  It has larger low pressure tires for a smooth ride over rough terrain.

I have only tried the i2 so far.  The machine was very maneuverable, easy to ride.  For me, the step on, step off was the biggest challenge.  I cannot easily stand on my left leg un-aided.  If you can stand on either leg without an aid you should have no problem with the step on, step off.  For me, I need someone to hold the handlebar steady so I can pull myself up..or balance it against a wall or tree.  The Segway is not designed to be used to pull yourself up on it as the shift in weight will cause it to move toward the cg.

If you have tried out either model, please share your thoughts.



  1. Tina Bogani says:

    Dave in the redwoods.

  2. Jay says:

    I was wondering if you can help me with a question. I have a 2008 Saturn Vue that did not come with a tow hitch or power. I’ve install the hitch and power but the Segvator does not work. I and a friend look thru the instruction over and over to see what could be wrong but the instruction are not that detailed. I’ve tried contacting someone at Sagvator but there is no number, just email and still waiting on a respond. Is there something that you may know of that I need to do that’s not in the instructions?

    • Have you tried talking to your local Segway dealer? My local dealer has been very helpful and knowledgable. I purchased the Segvator through my local Segway dealer (Silicon Segway). They ordered, and assembled the Segvator as well as helped install it on the car. I had the hitch (2 inch receiver) and electrical connection installed by a local hitch installer. I hope this helps.

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