“Weighing” the options…

Posted: July 6, 2018 in Life hacks

If there were only one measurement of overall health, what would it be? It seems that every doctor, nurse, dietitian, at Cetera wants to know my weight. It seems like an easy question however not so easy to answer. When you cannot step on the scale, the options are limited. Some of my doctors offices have a large scale where you can drive up onto it if you are in a wheelchair. Problem is, it weighs you plus the wheelchair so now you need to know The weight of the wheelchair.

My husband came up with a much better solution. He purchased two fish scales. These are relatively inexpensive compared to that $1000 plus cost of adding this feature to an overhead lift. We now attached the fish scale between the lift and my sling. One on each side. The two weights together add up to exactly my weight. This simple solution cost about $50. Much easier and very accurate!

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