Wheelchair foot rest – a sticky situation

Posted: September 2, 2017 in Life hacks
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I am fortunate to have a good OT who outfit my wheelchair with all the bells and whistles for comfort and control.  The foot rests have a gel pad covering to make a nice cushion for my feet. They are comfortable however, the outer covering is made of vinyl. Any slight moisture due to sweat can cause my feet to stick to the gel pad.   This can be frustrating as it fights against my limited muscle control of my legs.   As I tend to go barefoot most of the time, Especially in the summer, I needed a way to free up my legs for some limited movement.
My daughter cleverly found a way to solve this problem. She found some old stockings and cut them and wrapped each foot rest with the stockings. This now allowed me some limited movement of my feet and legs. My son-in-law suggested finding cute colorful stockings to change up the look now and then.  Way to go guys. Simplest solutions are often the best.

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