Bed controls

Posted: April 1, 2017 in Life hacks
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The ability to change positions is very important especially to someone who cannot walk and move regularly. Movement is essential to preventing bedsores and skin breakdown as well as comfort. In a hospital bed, there are bed controls that allow you to raise and lower your legs as well as the upper portion of your body. Having limited arm and hand function such as those with ALS or other neurological conditions, makes operating the controls very difficult.
On an Internet search, I found a device , created using micro light switches allowing a very light touch to control one function of hospital bed motion. My husband created this box, using the micro light switches, wired directly into the hospital bed controller . The original hospital bed controller is still functional and can be used by caregivers to control the bed. Using the alternate controller, with a very slight movement of my hand, I can raise and lower the head of the bed allowing comfort and positioning for activities such as watching TV. I have found this to be invaluable. More information can be found here…




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