Are Segways Legal?

Posted: June 8, 2012 in Segway

I was just notified by my company ( a large aerospace company in the silicon valley) that Segways are strictly prohibited on campus.  They cite corporate command media policy which specifically calls out Segways along with skateboards, motororized scooters and the like as being prohibited.  They cite this as a safety issue.  So ..being that I use the Segway as a mobility device due to a physical handicap, is there any way around this?  Does anyone have experience with this issue?



After working with the facilities group at my company,  . I was finally approved to ride my Segway within the building as long as I followed some simple rules.  The facilities group was not familiar with the Segway so they sent out a representative to follow me from my car to my office to determine  how safely this could be done. As long as I kept to a minimum speed (less than 5 mph) and came to a near stop at intersections  as well as allow a wide opening for a doors , I had permission.

  1. Sarah Funes says:

    At my college I had to get a special permission thing bc they consider it s motorized vehicle. Give them a copy of sway (EPAMD) AB 470, Chapter 106. It’s also covered under the Americans with disabilities act

    • Excellent. Thanks for posting this. I am still working to get it approved. They just recently had people from Diversity and Environmental, Safety and Health do a “walk through” with me from the parking lot to the office. They might approve it soon with restrictions on speed limits. Common sense kind of stuff.

  2. Sarah Funes says:

    Please follow my ability segway twitter handle! @abilitysegway trying to get a community together of segway users with disabilities

  3. Update on my previous post about my company’s denial of the use of the Segway on their property….they finally approved it! This was after demonstrating how I used it within the building and to and from the parking lot. Environmental, safety and health reviewed my case and decided to allow it as a mobility device for a disability. If you have trouble at your work, just keep pursuing. You may eventually have success as I did. Good luck!

  4. Sarah Funes says:

    Thanks. That’s really great to hear that your company is letting you use it! I fortunately don’t currently have a job but rather am a full time student. I’ve really not had any problems on any college campuses. I currently go to two community colleges. They knew my situation. It wasn’t a huge deal. At malls, hospitals, and local businesses it is an entirely different story.

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